Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) opens many fronts in the public sector. Two main issues that have emerged are AI governance and the potential use of AI in the public policy cycle. AI techniques can improve the quality and efficiency of government decision-making by altering the perspective of public administration. This chapter aims to analyze public policy in the age of AI. To achieve this, the authors open the debate, analyzing the AI-powered public policy cycle to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, a contemporary wicked problem that triggers the emergent application of an AI-based public policy cycle. The conclusions offer recommendations to guide the debate on the role and governance of AI in the public policy cycle.

Valle-Cruz, D., & Sandoval-Almazán, R. (2022). Role and Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Policy Cycle. https://doi.org/10.1093/oxfordhb/9780197579329.013.25

By rsandov

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