This poster analyzes the Twitter trend in México #justicierodelamarquesa (in English Justice of the Marquesa), using text mining techniques. We collected 10,000 tweets related to the hashtag #justicierodelamarquesa. Then we generated a radial word cloud based on data collected in order to analyzed it. We proposed a classification of the topics based on the radial word cloud: 1) the core: formed of the words that have the highest frequency, and could be the most important topic or person in the data collected. 2) the middle: consisting of the words that have an important frequency, but are complementary for the core. And 3) the border: consisting of the words with less frequency, only have complementary words of each tweet, some of this elements are nasty or bad words. We show the discussion and future directions. The future direction is to apply this technique to other events in order to analyze Twitter trends, and go further to find and discover patterns in social media data.

Valle-Cruz, D., Vega-Hernández, J. E., & Sandoval-Almazán, R. (2017). Justice of the Marquesa: A Twitter Trend Analysis Using Text Mining and Word Clouds. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (pp. 592–593). New York, NY, USA: ACM.

By rsandov

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